Data Analytics

Our data analytics services help businesses of different industries

Data Analytics (Creating value from data insights)

SofTech Source helps organisations build their data management and analytics strategy to keep them ahead of the competitive market. STS creates advanced data architectures, implements data solutions and renders managed data analytics services for all kinds of businesses with different levels of data maturity.

Our data analytics services help businesses of different industries in Germany and around the globe to integrate, aggregate, and analyse various data types from multiple data sources to address their most deliberate needs at every level.

Maximise Your Data Value with SofTech Source

Being truly result-oriented, we are happy when our teamwork for business clients pays off in a tangible way, such as:

  • Faster data reporting.
  • Increase in revenue.
  • Reduction of operational costs.
Services We Offer

Data preparation
If you don’t have data then don’t worry we create it for you. Once data is available we implement its preparation module which performs all the necessary steps makes the data consumable in the next steps of the pipeline.

Ensure data quality & Data management
SofTech Source implements a robust data quality and  management framework to organize your processes of data security, access, collection, storage, and analysis, etc. In addition, we manage both unstructured and structured data in large volumes.

Data Analytics modernization
Our team at SofTech Source is fully equipped with modern concepts and latest tools. We can migrate your existing data analytics solution to the latest technology stack in order to achieve maximum ROI and meet the new data analytics needs.

Advanced Analytics Solutions

These days its competition everywhere and businesses face a lot of challenges. We understand your business challenges and address them with quality and confidence. Our analytics solutions facilitate addressing your current data analytics needs. Most importantly our solutions have the capability to scale up depending upon need. We perform data preparation, development, tuning and deployment of machine learning models. Our customers find the solution in one place as we design and implement end-to-end solutions.

Reporting & Visualization
Reporting & visualisation plays a very crucial role. A good visualisation helps the audience to analyse the business insights quickly, easily and efficiently. For our valued customers in Germany and around the globe we have created: Interactive dashboards, Custom visuals, and multiple visualisations techniques.

Big Data Engineering
We work to Store and process terabytes of data to provide near-real-time analytics

Predictive Analytics
Our predictive analytics solutions make predictions about the future and hence ensure to minimise risk and maximise the profitability.